About Us

W e have a diverse collection of beautiful and trendy pieces which we could now bring for viewing to your very own home at your convenience. We renew our stock on a regular basis and we select a limited amount of the same item as to always have an ever changing, exclusive collection. We keep up with the latest trends and fashion in jewellery.

The range comprises a selection of different bracelets, bangle, rings, earrings, silver chains, pendants and necklaces. The whole range is stylishly designed and made out of authentic materials. The silver collection is all 92.5 sterling silver. The gemstone collection is comprised of semiprecious stones. The pearls are all genuine cultured freshwater pearls and seashell pearls. All products are sold at exceptional prices.
All items purchased are packed in a beautifully presented parcel at no extra costs, making them the ideal gift for your loved ones.